Farsi Alphabet

Farsi Persian Alphabet

This page contains a table including the following: Farsi alphabet, also called Persian letters which help you pronounce the words in a given language, you will also learn about the different consonants and vowels. Make sure to check our Learn Farsi page, which contains several lessons that might help you in your learning process.

Farsi Alphabet EnglishFarsi PronunciationFarsi ScriptVarious Forms        A as in apple hamzeh ء On the top of some vowels A as in apple alef ا ‍ا Long “a” alef-e maddī آ ‍آ B as in Brazilian be ب ب‍ ‍ب‍ ‍ب P as in Persian pe پ پ‍ ‍پ‍ ‍پ T as in Turkish te ت ت‍ ‍ت‍ ‍ت Th as in think the ث ث‍ ‍ث‍ ‍ث J as in Japanese jīm ج ج‍ ‍ج‍ ‍ج Che as in Chinese che چ چ‍ ‍چ‍ ‍چ Sharp h as in Hassan he ح ح‍ ‍ح‍ ‍ح Kh as in the Scottish loch, Spanish Jota khe خ خ‍ ‍خ‍ ‍خ D as in Danish dāl د د Th as in They Th as in They Th as in They ذ R as in Russian re ر ر Z as in Zulu ze ز ز Je as in pleasure je or zhe ژ ژ S as in Spanish sīn س س‍ ‍س‍ ‍س Sh as in Shadow shīn ش ش‍ ‍ش‍ ‍ش S as in supper sād ص ص‍ ‍ص‍ ‍ص D as in Danish dād ض ض‍ ‍ض‍ ‍ض T as in Tagalog ط ط‍ ‍ط‍ ‍ط Th as in That thā ظ ظ‍ ‍ظ‍ ‍ظ The closest is as a soundless “a” or ‘ ‘ayn ع ع‍ ‍ع‍ ‍ع gh as the french “r” in merci ghayn غ غ‍ ‍غ‍ ‍غ F as in Farsi fe ف ف‍ ‍ف‍ ‍ف Sharp Qu (Qum) qāf ق ق‍ ‍ق‍ ‍ق K as in Kurdish kāf ک ک‍ ‍ک‍ ‍ک Same thing just a different way. kāf ک ک‍ ‍ک‍ ‍ک G as in Golf gāf گ گ‍ ‍گ‍ ‍گ L as in Language lām ل ل‍ ‍ل‍ ‍ل M as in Mandarin mīm م م‍ ‍م‍ ‍م N as in Norwegian nūn ن ن‍ ‍ن‍ ‍ن W as in Wolof vāv و و H as in Hebrew hā-ye havvaz ه ه‍ ‍ه‍ ‍ه Y as in Yiddish yā-ye mo‘jam ی ی‍ ‍ی‍ ‍ی Y as in Yiddish, sometimes as “a” yā-ye fārsī ی ی‍ ‍ی‍ ‍ی


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