Farsi Numbers

Farsi Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers

This page contains a table including the following: Farsi Numbers both cardinal and ordinal. Try to memorize the way they're used because they're very important in communication, and might be very helpful to convey your most important expressions. Make sure to check our Learn Farsi page, which contains several lessons that might help you in your learning process.

Farsi Cardinal Numbers

Cardinal numbers in Farsi as well as in English are digits like 1, 2, 3, 4 … There are two ways of writing the numbers in Farsi, in Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3) or in Farsi script (یک, دو, سه). The table below contains more information about the farsi numbers.


EnglishFarsi NumbersPersian Script      0 Zero sefR صفر 1 One yek یک 2 Two do دو 3 Three se سه 4 Four chaaR چهار 5 Five panj پنج 6 Six sheesh شش 7 Seven haft هفت 8 Eight hasht هشت 9 Nine no نه 10 Ten da ده 11 Eleven yaaze یازده 12 Twelve davaaze دوازده 13 Thirteen seeze سیزده 14 Fourteen chaaRde چهارده 15 Fifteen poonze پانزده 16 Sixteen shoonze شانزده 17 Seventeen heevde هفده 18 Eighteen heezhde هجده 19 Nineteen nooze نوزده 20 Twenty bees بیست 30 Thirty see سی 40 Forty chel چهل 50 Fifty panjaa پنجاه 60 Sixty shas شصت 70 Seventy haftaad هفتاد 80 Eighty hashtaad هشتاد 90 Ninety navad نود 100 Hundred sad صد 1,000 Thousand hezaaR هزار 10,000 Ten Thousand da hezaaR ده هزار 100,000 Hundred Thousand sad hezaaR صد هزار 1,000,000 Million ye melyoon یک میلیون Plus be'alaave بعلاوه Minus menhaa منها More (than) beeshtaR az بیشتر از Less (than) kamtaR az کمتر از Approximately taqReeban تقریباً First aval اول Second doovom دوم Third sevom سوم


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